The bliss of ignorance!

Sometimes, amid our daily mundane activities, we suddenly drift to the spiral thoughts of morality, consciousness and life’s purpose; only to find, most of the times, that there are no answers. Sometimes it can be frustrating, depressing even discouraging for our routine activities but the key to life is not to think too much about life. Nature has its own flow and sometimes all we need to do is just swim along. Love the questions for which you have no answers, time provides them at the right moment.

Tension of the opposites,
the desire to hold on.
To all that is decoy,
trivial, transient, bygone..
But where is the truth then?
That which will survive
the blows of time, a thousand,
and still be just as naive.
Maybe it’s all about half truths,
the good mixed with the strong.
It won’t survive forever
but life is not that long.
So learn to love your questions
and keep humming your tune.
Let time preserve the answers,
ignorance is a boon.


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