A broken timid song

I crave you.. more than ever. 
Why is my life like this?
My days are burning fever,
my nights a dark abyss
Where shall I go to find you,
Do you even exist?
I try my best to pass through,
but this love I can’t resist.
Someone made me in his image
Does he feel the numbing pain,
does he chase the decoy mirage,
are his tears the falling rain?
Does he crave for someone,
does he gasp and wake at night
from dreams of some beloved,
feeling like a fallen knight.
It’s not my world they tell me,
and I agree with them too.
But why must I keep playing,
I don’t have a song for you.
Let me leave the grand opera
I’ve played the tune too long
The audience isn’t happy
With my broken timid song.


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