The eyes see it all

I try to look away from it, the eyes see it all,
the couple getting cozy in the corner of the hall.
The lady counting money, asking price of the red shirt
for her little grandson, just to find that she falls short.

The cab driver looking in the mirror for a look,
of the pretty damsel sitting like an open book.
The dog at the bakery wagging hunger stricken tail.
I try to look away from him but every time I fail.

People robbing with a smile, killing with a prayer.
People living saintly lives, with sin for every hair.
Little robin chirruping, singing glories of the Lord.
I went to see the Lord once but the fee I couldn’t afford.

The fading love, the indifference, the boredom in the eyes,
the bright facade to hide beneath the trust built up on lies.
People smiling with deceit assuming you’re a fool,
they’ll never know you have once been a master of this school.


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